A full description of our laboratory policies can be found in the Horsley laboratory handbook.  

To avidly pursue questions related to epithelial tissue development and homeostasis, and to communicate our findings in a timely manner to the scientific community through publications and meetings.

To vigorously push forward the frontiers of new ideas and technologies in our scientific pursuit by keeping abreast of the literature and scientific progress in our field and related fields, and by introducing new strategies and state-of-the-art approaches to the lab when appropriate.

To behave professionally by:

  • Maintaining scientific integrity

  • Respecting coworkers’ space, time, and being sensitive to their needs

  • Respecting the working environment by maintaining cleanliness and

  • Properly using and caring for equipment

  • Following lab guidelines

  • Attending to our physical and mental health

To maintain our objectivity at all times during the scientific process, when interpreting experimental findings, and during scientific discussions with our colleagues.

To foster a collaborative environment that values productivity, open communication, and mentorship.