April 30, 2014
Brett Shook was awarded the Society for Investigative Dermatology Travel Award Fellowship!  Way to go, Brett!
March 26, 2014
Amanda Zubek received the Dermatologist Investigator Research Fellowship from the Dermatology Foundation! 
March 21, 2014
Valerie was named Faculty of 1000’s 2013 Investigator of the Year in Developmental Biology! 
March 18, 2014
Barbara Schmidt and Rachel Zwick, two graduate students in the lab, were the issue editors for the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine’s (YJBM) March Issue, with a...
March 15, 2014
Brett Shook, one of the Horsley lab postdocs, will be giving at talk on his research at the Society for Investigative Dermatology, held this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico...
February 27, 2014
Congratulations to Dr. Natalie Roberts, who received the Yale Postdoctoral Scholars Travel Fund!
February 24, 2014
Jill Goldstein successfully defended her thesis entitled “Molecular Regulation of Skin Stem Cell Function During Hair Growth and Tumorigenesis” in KBT 1204 on February 24,...